Preschool Curriculum

Our Curriculum is rooted in a comprehensive, balanced approach to learning. Our early education programs foster creativity, while also developing critical thinking and social/emotional skills. Newtown Discovery Preschool supports a diverse, multicultural environment in which we recognize that students learn differently and have various areas of interest.  Specifically, we implement a Global Education curriculum, which incorporates all the best methodology from around the world and is supported by the latest research in implementing a rich, high quality early childhood education program. Our pedagogy and teaching philosophy is based on the world-renowned philosophies of Reggio Emilia, Maria Montessori, David Elkind (author of The Power of Play) & Howard Gardner (The Multiple Intelligences).  These theories are embedded into our curriculum and incorporate the Pennsylvania Learning Standards. 

Key Learning Areas

  • Approaches to learning through play
  • Creative thinking and expression
  • Cognitive thinking and general knowledge
  • Mathematical thinking and expression
  • Scientific thinking and technology
  • Social studies thinking
  • Health wellness and physical development
  • Language and literacy development
  • Partnerships with families and communities
  • Social and emotional development

Teaching Pedagogy

Our educational methodology, Creative Curriculum, is research-based, play-based, and child-driven. The curriculum model notes developmental milestones year-over-year based on large, national norms. Children are instructed at their developmental level, not necessarily chronological age. All domains are equally weighted to ensure that we are teaching to the “whole child”. These include cognition, social-emotional development, arts and physical development.

Gold Online is the assessment component to promote progression and achievement of milestones. The system stores everything from photographic evidence to anecdotal notes. Data is presented in a horizontal bar graph to display where each child is developmentally across all domains.

Parent – Teacher Conferences are offered twice a year to discuss individual child progression. Partnering with our families on milestone development allows students to be supported through home connections and mutual goals.

Conscious Discipline Commitment

Social-emotional development is a key component to our commitment to educational success. We use the principles of Conscious Discipline to promote self-confident, life-long learners. Children learn strategies to manage and express their feelings to empower them. These are strategies that may be used not only within the school, but within the greater community.

Preschool Programs

Our content-rich programs are customized to your child’s readiness level, areas of interest, and learning profile (how they learn best). Early childhood is a magical time when the brain develops the vast majority of its neurons and is most receptive to learning. We know that the first five years are the building blocks for the formal years in education that lie ahead, so why not give your little one a head start?

Our teachers provide meaningful experiences that naturally foster your child’s intellectual potential through individualized instruction to meet the developmental needs of each child. Teachers also encourage students to explore their passions, take risks to try new things, and learn from mistakes in a safe, supportive environment. Learn more about our programs.