At The Discovery Preschools, our commitment lies in providing a top-tier infant program in Newtown & Warrington, PA that supports the holistic development of your child. The early years, especially the first three years of a child’s life, play a crucial role in determining the foundation of their cognitive, physical, and emotional development.

The Benefits of Early Development Infant Programs

Every child is unique and their developmental needs differ. Our early development infant program is tailored to address each child’s unique developmental milestones.

Research consistently shows the significance of early learning. When infants and toddlers receive appropriate support from early childhood professionals, they are more likely to exhibit healthy brain development patterns. This is a time when babies learn at an unparalleled rate, laying the groundwork for all future learning.

Moreover, our infant enrichment program goes beyond just learning. It focuses on nurturing relationships between the child, caregivers, and other children, fostering a sense of community and trust.

An Exclusive Education Catered to the Needs of Your Infant

Your child’s family plays a pivotal role in their early childhood development. At The Discovery Preschools, we recognize this and have integrated a family-related approach into our infant education program. This means that while we offer resources and training for your child’s development, we also provide support for parents to better understand and assist their child’s journey.

Our curriculum emphasizes babies and toddlers’ emotional development, helping them develop trusting relationships. Besides that, the physical development of infants and children ages birth to three is catered to through a range of activities that are both fun and educational.

Infant Program, for ages 6 weeks to 1-year-old

Even the littlest member of your family deserves a fun, safe, and enriching environment to grow and learn while you are at work. At The Discovery Preschool, our teachers nurture and support your infant through every learning milestone. Our infant daycare program has been created to help your child with their cognitive development, language and communication skills, social and emotional growth, and fine and gross motor skills. We are proud to offer daycare for infants six weeks old to one-year-old in Newtown & Warrington, PA. Get in touch with our team to schedule a tour of our facility or enroll now.

Daily Infant Daycare Schedule

Each infant’s daily routine is individualized based on articulation between the primary teacher and the parents. Each child develops skills across multiple domains: cognition, fine and gross motor skills, language, and social-emotional skills at his/her own pace. Depending on the skill the teacher has decided to nurture, your baby will enjoy various enriching activities, such as interactive play or baby yoga.

In between the learning and free play, parents dictate their child’s individual feeding and napping schedule. Our app allows us to communicate directly with parents to adjust the schedule based on their child’s needs.

These individualized learning routines separate us from the traditional infant daycare facilities in the surrounding area and help prepare your infant for life’s next developmental milestones.

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Social, Emotional & Physical Activities

Our curriculum is based on a balanced approach to learning. This means we incorporate all the best practices for early childhood education development in our classrooms. We’re serious about learning, but we’re also serious about fun! That’s why we believe in learning through play.

In our infant daycare program, your baby will be assisted by our teachers through a number of activities that strengthen their social, emotional, and physical abilities. These activities include:

  • Sign language
  • Baby yoga
  • Sorting shapes and colors
  • Singing songs
  • Finger painting
  • Playing outside
  • Dancing
  • And more!

Fun, Individualized Learning For Your Infant In Newtown, PA

Your infant deserves more than sitting in a bouncy seat all day long. At Newtown Discovery Preschool, your baby will receive nurturing and positive care. They will be given well-rounded learning experiences that meet their individual needs.

If you’re interested in learning more about the best infant daycare in Newtown, PA, request information from our friendly staff. We would be happy to answer any of your questions and look forward to discussing enrolling your baby in our program.

The Discovery Preschools: Your Partner in Education

The journey of early childhood is an essential one, and you need a reliable partner to guide and support you and your child through it. That’s where The Discovery Preschools steps in to assist. Our infant preschool program is led by a team of early childhood professionals and child development specialists, ensuring that your child receives the best care and education possible.

Our focus doesn’t just lie in academics. We ensure that your child develops a strong foundation in other areas like health, well-being, and life skills. This makes our infant program in Newtown, PA a comprehensive solution for families seeking the best for their children.

We invite you to schedule a tour of our facilities, meet the staff, and explore more about our preschool programs and curriculum. We’re confident that once you witness our commitment and the resources we offer, you’ll know that The Discovery Preschools are the best choice for your child’s early education.

Enroll Today and Secure a Bright Future for Your Child

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Your child’s early years are critical, and the choices you make now will pave the path for their future. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Enroll in our infant program in Newtown, PA, today, and let us be a part of your child’s success story. 

For a brighter, more secure future, filled with endless opportunities and a robust foundation, enroll now at The Discovery Preschools. We’re excited to welcome you and your child to our family.


What are 5 important questions parents need to seek answers to when choosing early childhood programs?

Choosing the right early childhood program is essential for your child's development and well-being. Parents should consider the following five questions: Curriculum & Approach: What type of curriculum does the program use, and how does it support early learning and child development? Staff Qualifications: What qualifications and training do the early childhood professionals possess, and how frequently do they undergo further professional development? Safety & Environment: Is the environment safe, nurturing, and conducive to early childhood development? Family Involvement: How does the program integrate family-related activities and feedback into the child's educational journey? Support Services: Does the program offer early intervention services or resources for children with special needs or developmental delays?

What are questions to ask about child development?

Understanding child development is crucial for parents as they navigate their child's growth. Some important questions include: At what age should we expect certain developmental milestones like walking or speaking? How do emotional, cognitive, and physical development interact in the early years? What are signs to watch for that indicate developmental delays? How can parents support their child's development at home? What resources are available for children with diagnosed physical or mental conditions that might impact their development?

What is the most important thing for infant development?

The most crucial aspect of infant development is fostering nurturing relationships and a safe environment. Infants thrive when they form trusting relationships with caregivers and family. Consistent care, attentive responses to their needs, and exposure to a stimulating environment contribute significantly to healthy brain development, emotional well-being, and foundational learning during this stage.

What questions should I ask early childhood educators?

When speaking with early childhood educators, it's important to get insight into their expertise and approach. Consider these questions: What is your philosophy or approach to early learning and child development? How do you handle children with different developmental needs or learning styles? What strategies do you employ to foster emotional development and healthy relationships among infants and toddlers? How do you communicate progress and concerns with parents? How do you incorporate play and creativity into your teaching methods?

What are the four main areas of development for an infant?

For infants, development is categorized into four primary areas: Physical Development: This encompasses growth, motor skills, and physical abilities. It involves reaching milestones such as rolling over, crawling, and grasping objects. Cognitive Development: This area focuses on brain development and includes learning processes, problem-solving, memory, and the foundation of language. Emotional & Social Development: This pertains to the infant's ability to form attachments, recognize emotions, and interact with others. Language & Communication Development: While infants won't speak immediately, this area involves understanding sounds, recognizing voice patterns, and eventually producing words. Parents and caregivers should be well-informed about these areas to provide the best support for their child's holistic growth.

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