Choosing a kindergarten for your child is a significant decision, and for parents in Newtown, PA, The Discovery Preschools offer an exceptional experience that stands out from other kindergarten schools. This isn’t just any kindergarten classroom; it’s a place where nurturing meets education, where individual attention meets a nationally recognized kindergarten curriculum.

Let’s explore what makes our kindergarten program so special and why many parents have chosen our private school kindergarten over others.

How to Select the Right Private Kindergarten For Your Little One

Selecting a private kindergarten requires careful consideration. From evaluating the kindergarten teachers experience to understanding how they communicate ideas, many factors ensure your child gets the best start in their educational journey. When compared with public schools, our private schools stand out. We prioritize:

  1. Comprehensive curriculum: Our nationally recognized kindergarten curriculum goes beyond just ABCs and 123s. We instill critical thinking skills, phonemic awareness, and literacy comprehension in each student.
  2. Classroom experience: We have distinct learning areas in each private kindergarten classroom, promoting collaborative learning and adaptive learning strategies. Here, children learn to follow classroom routines and develop social-emotional skills.

Experienced Staff: Our kindergarten teachers are passionate educators, ensuring that your child is in skilled hands with our private school educators. We encourage parents to meet the staff and learn about their dedication and passion for teaching.

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An Exclusive Education Catered to the Needs of Your Child

Every child is unique, and at our private school kindergarten, we recognize and honor that uniqueness. Our private kindergarten program offers both whole group instruction and small group instruction, ensuring each child gets the attention they need. From independent reading and writing practices to hands-on activities where they can observe local weather conditions or learn about the scientific method, we cover a broad spectrum of knowledge areas. We even emphasize real-life skills, like understanding how to cut pre-formed shapes, describe patterns, and more.

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The Discovery Preschools: Your Partner in Education

Beyond kindergarten, The Discovery Preschools offer a range of programs to cater to all your child’s educational needs. You can find more details about our curriculum online.

We believe that a quality education starts early, and we are committed to setting your child on a path of success.

Moreover, if you wish to experience firsthand what our kindergarten in Newtown, PA has to offer, we encourage parents to schedule a tour. It’s an excellent opportunity to see our classroom routines, meet our staff, and get a feel for our unique approach.

Invest in a Bright Future With The Discovery Preschools

As we reflect on the importance of these foundational years, we invite you to consider The Discovery Preschools’ kindergarten program as the first stepping stone in your child’s lifelong educational journey. Prepare them for success, foster their love for learning, and provide them with an environment where they can thrive. Don’t delay in securing a bright future for your child. Enroll now and become a part of our ever-growing family at The Discovery Preschools in Newtown, PA.


Do you have to send your child to kindergarten in PA?

In Pennsylvania, attending kindergarten is not mandated by the state. However, many school districts offer kindergarten classes as a part of their curriculum. While it’s not compulsory, many parents choose to enroll their children in kindergarten schools to give them a head start in their education. At The Discovery Preschools, our private school kindergarten program emphasizes a comprehensive approach to early learning, ensuring your child is ready for the challenges of elementary school.

What is your school philosophy or vision?

The Discovery Preschools’ philosophy revolves around providing a quality education that’s tailored to each child’s individual needs. We believe in fostering a love for learning by combining nationally recognized kindergarten curriculum with hands-on, experiential activities. Our vision is to cultivate critical thinking skills, collaborative learning, and social emotional skills in every student. We pride ourselves on offering a private kindergarten program that emphasizes not only academic growth but also personal and emotional development.

Can my child start kindergarten at 4 in PA?

In Pennsylvania, the kindergarten age requirement is typically that children should be 5 years old by a specific date set by the school district to start kindergarten. However, some private schools or kindergarten charter schools might have different age requirements or offer early admission based on a child’s readiness.
At The Discovery Preschools, we assess each child individually to ensure they are ready for our kindergarten program and can benefit from our private kindergarten classroom experience.

What does a kindergartener learn?

A kindergartener’s learning journey is vast and varied. In our kindergarten classes, children delve into a multitude of subjects, from basic math concepts and literacy comprehension to phonemic awareness and scientific method exploration. We emphasize school readiness by teaching children how to follow classroom routines, develop social skills, and understand story concepts.
Our kindergarteners also engage in activities that enhance their language center abilities, mathematical thinking, and adaptive learning strategies. The Discovery Preschools’ comprehensive curriculum ensures that each child is well-prepared for the challenges and experiences of elementary education and beyond.

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