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Meet Our Founder

Newtown Discovery Preschool is a dream turned reality for Founder and Newtown Athletic Club (NAC) Youth Director, Amanda Brown.

Amanda began her career as a party host & gymnastics coach at the NAC when she was just 14 years old. Since that time, she has worked hard to inspire and educate children of all ages in the community.

While in school earning her degree in Early Childhood Education from Temple University, Amanda also worked as the Director of Camp NAC. Through her hard work and dedication to the program, Camp NAC nearly quadrupled in size, growing from around 50 campers to over 400 each summer. The programs have expanded too, with over 65 options to choose from each summer.

Through her background in education, Amanda realized the importance of integrating an assortment of educational activities into the camp curriculum. One of her favorite programs, Jr. Chef camp, evolved from just having campers help cook a meal to including lessons on the science of cooking, learning measurements, and a nutrition class. The response from both parents and campers was overwhelmingly positive.

As Camp NAC grew, Amanda developed her vision for Newtown Discovery Preschool. Her idea was to create a fully licensed preschool and apply her successful approach to learning through play. The preschool would offer a curiosity-driven environment that would allow children to develop a love for exploration, wellness and relationship-building.

Now, Amanda is thrilled to have the opportunity to make her dream come true and create a nurturing learning environment for children in the community. Newtown Discovery Preschool, powered by the NAC, will officially open in September 2019.


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