Here at Newtown Discovery Preschool we not only provide a diverse curriculum, but we also provide your children with a various set of skills and abilities that they can use to better their life now as well as in the future.

Our preschool has many components that make it great, however one component we are most excited for is our supermarket. The children will have the ability to learn many useful skills in a fun and interactive way. A proper nutritional diet and healthy lifestyle can influence young children throughout their lifetime. During the beginning stages, children are highly malleable and start to learn routines that they carry with them into adulthood. Educating children on the importance of a healthy diet consisting of vegetables, fruits and grains will allow your child to start making better decisions and developing good habits. Not only will they be able to communicate with other students, they will have the opportunity to learn number recognition, motor skills, and the concepts of trading and sharing.

Another important aspect that the students will learn is all the hard work that takes the food from farm to table or in this case the supermarket. By being aware of where the food comes from will give the children a greater appreciation and understanding of this process. When the students first see the supermarket, they will notice all the different colors, and textures that make our supermarket “super.” Students will gain a better understanding by differentiating items by their colors and senses. Being able to feel, look and even sometimes taste items will give a greater perception of how some items are alike and different. By the end students will have a grasp on all the shapes and colors that are in a supermarket.

At Newtown Discovery Preschool we not only want your children to learn in a classroom, we also want them to interact and have the opportunity to learn from their surroundings. We know your child will thrive and have a fun time with all the special activities we have planned, we hope to see you shopping soon!

Our two main locations are in Newtown and Warrington and we support the Doylestown area.

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