How We Keep Kids Safe

Our new security and check-in system, powered by Electronic Security Solutions (ESS), will deny entry into the preschool to anyone who is not a parent or staff member. To gain access into the building, any unauthorized person will be required to be buzzed through the front door and into the secure vestibule. Once in the secure vestibule, our front desk staff will confirm their identity via a driver’s license or other form of photo ID and be signed in/out to allow them access as a guest into the preschool and main lobby. This process will ensure the safety of all our children and staff.

To allow ease for parents or authorized pick-up person, parents will receive a unique code that they can use to enter the preschool building. The doors to the preschool will not open until the correct code is entered. This unique code will also be used to check-in children into their classrooms. Doors will always be locked at the preschool. We will not allow any doors to be propped open or unlocked by any person. 

In case of weather or other immediate danger, our staff will be continually trained on the following: Fire drills, active shooters, weather emergencies, evacuations and lockdowns. We will make sure that our crisis communication plans are kept up-to-date and relevant to our students, teachers and staff. 

Along with the ESS system, we will also be using a software program that parents can download as an app called “Smartcare.” This app informs parents when your child is checked in and out of the preschool building as well as how he or she is progressing throughout the school year. The unique code that parents are given to enter the preschool will automatically check their child into his or her classroom. Children may only be checked out by one of the authorized pick up persons that are listed on the enrollment form. Any adult that is not listed will not be permitted to pick up the child. Parents may change their authorized pick-up list at any time. 

Our two main locations are in Newtown and Warrington and we support the Doylestown area.

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