Why Enroll in Full-Day Preschool?

When it comes time to explore the different early education options for your child, it is important to consider full day preschool. If your interested in learning about the long lasting benefits of full day programing for your little learner, we’re here to help!

Improves Grade School Readiness

According to recent studies covering the last decade, data consistently shows that full day, high quality preschool programs can help children make major academic gains. This is particularly true when students with learning delays have underdeveloped literacy, math, and vocabulary skills. One study found that approximately 80% of children who attended full day preschool were at or above national school readiness norms, while approximately only 58% of children in half day preschool programs were at or above these levels. A more recent study shows that students who are enrolled in a full-day pre-k program tend to score higher on math assessments and are more likely to participate in honors courses by the time they reach middle school. Moreso, they are less likely to repeat a grade, which is critical since grade retention is associated with a lot of negative outcomes later in life. Research shows higher rates of crime and self-doubt, resulting in an unhealthy mindset through adulthood and causing irrevocable damage. Learn more>>

Increases Self-Confidence

Students are given ample opportunities to accomplish things independently after seeing the teacher model strategies and reinforce those skills over time. Teachers are experienced at creating lesson plans that individualize instruction, allowing students to take risks, learn that it’s okay to make mistakes, and then be able to meet milestones at his/her own pace until they are fully confident and have successfully mastered concepts. 

When students are encouraged to do things on their own, it also increases responsibility for taking care of themselves while recognizing the importance of being part of a community and contributing to the success of the group. Often, the end results is that children learn a valuable lesson in taking pride in their accomplishments, which plants the seed for intrinsic motivation.

Provides Unlimited Opportunities to Explore Interests & Develop Talents

Every child has unique gifts. At a high quality, full-day preschool, students are provided with many choices in a classroom environment to develop their interests, while also exploring new areas to spark and drive their curiosity that they may not have had the opportunity to explore before. “It’s exciting to have a few extra hours of creativity and fun tacked on to the end of the day together,” Perry said in her article Half-day or Full-day Preschool – What does my child need?

A full day program also allows more time to foster a love for learning because children are not as rushed to solve problems and master a skill. The traditional school of thought was that children learned best through rote memorization and repetition. But now we know after many years of research that this strategy isn’t as meaningful to children and is not stored in their long term memory. Today, it’s critical that preschool programs strive for innovative teaching practices that encourage learning through hands-on, active participation. Teachers are encouraging their students to ask questions, think outside the box, and value the importance of the learning process rather than just getting the right answer.

Develops Social & Emotional Skills

“Full day students reap the important benefit of having much more time in their day for building social skills and meaningful friendships with their classmates. There is such a sense of camaraderie that develops between preschoolers who get to eat lunch together, take a nap at the same time, and who get to experience the fun of our exciting enrichment classes.” (Perry 2018)

Each day, children learn important life lessons on respect, empathy, and kindness towards others as well as the environment. They also learn self-regulating strategies to practice mindfulness in order to maintain a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle.

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