5 Ways to Involve Your Kids in the Kitchen

Letting your little one help you in the kitchen is a great way to get them interested in different types of food, to learn about food preparation, and an opportunity for you to teach about health and safety! These tips below are a great way to involve your kiddo in the kitchen this holiday season… and beyond!

Let them help with simple food prep! Do veggies need washing? What child doesn’t love splashing around in the sink? This is a great way to start the conversation about how foods grow and why we wash our fruits and vegetables 

Add and Stir Ingredients. Pouring and mixing are simple and fun steps that children can easily perform, but still need to follow instruction and use proper technique! Seems too easy for your little one? Have them do the pouring and measuring too with your help!

Setting the Table. Involving your child in this task can be beneficial in many ways. They’ll need to consider what is needed for the meal, work on their counting skills, as well as dexterity in setting up the table! And for a little extra fun, homemade placemats are always a great way your child can put his or her personal touch on the table settings!

Chop Ingredients. Including your child in simple cutting tasks is a great way to build their confidence in the kitchen. Starting off with a dull butter knife and simple soft foods (bananas, tomatoes, etc.) let them take control while you’re able to teach knife skills and safety

Starting the Machines. Pushing a simple “power” button to turn on the mixer, blender, and food processor can be one of the most exciting activities for kids. Let them take control by making sure the machine is ready, and turning it on!

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