What‘s Your Child’s Learning Style?

Research has shown that everyone possesses a preferred learning style: visual, auditory, or kinesthetic.  Teachers-including children’s earliest teachers (also known as parents) most often instruct using their preferred modality.

The three main styles of learning are: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.  Some researchers added a fourth style of reading/writing in the early 90’s.

  • Visual learners do well with graphic depictions, charts, photographs, etc.
  • Auditory learners do well with discussions, lectures, mnemonics, etc.
  • Kinesthetic learners do well by constructing, de-constructing, building, etc.

How do you discern your learning style?  Here is a quiz you can use to learn how you can best learn: 

Click here to take the quiz!

Once you have identified  and are aware of your preferred style, you can focus on providing your child with experiences that not only satiate your style, but all modalities.  This information will be priceless for today and years to come!

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