Community Outreach & Growth

Children’s sense of community expands as they grow and develop.  School community is typically the first exposure to a group setting outside of the home. We define community here as noted in Merriam Webster’s dictionary as “a group of people with a common characteristic or interest living together within a larger society”.  

The goal of any stellar early childhood education program is to continually expand the child’s community to allow them to experience and contribute to the world around them. It is our obligation to create global citizens ready  to respond to diversity and be socially responsible.

Community offers:

  • A sense of belonging
  • An opportunity to practice social-emotional skills
  • An understanding of resources 
  • An ability to boost self confidence
  • A chance to forge new friendships
  • Creations of intergenerational relationships
  • New skill acquisition

Joining school initiatives for community outreach or contacting local charitable organizations in the area will give ample occasions for children to impact the greater community. Some simple examples of this are as follows:

  • Food, toy, or clothing drives
  • Litter collection
  • Community gardening
  • Working in a soup kitchen
  • Creating performances for senior centers
  • Trike-a-thon or any athletic marathon

The possibilities are endless and the benefits never-ending.  Lead by example.  Give of yourself. Celebrate diversity. Practice kindness. Never underestimate the compassion and understanding of your child. “We are very, very small, but we are profoundly capable of very, very big things.”  – Stephen Hawking

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