Eight Ways to Learn About the 5 Senses at Home

The five senses – sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing – are an important part of understanding the world around us. Teaching children about their five senses can help them develop their observation and descriptive skills and appreciate their environment’s complexity. In this blog post, we will explore how to connect a lesson on the five senses at home to continue to build the home-school connection.

Sensory exploration: Encourage your child to explore the world using their five senses. This can be done through activities such as smelling different spices, listening to different types of music, and touching different textures.

Cooking and baking: Cooking and baking are great ways to explore taste and smell. Have your child help you prepare meals, and encourage them to taste and describe the flavors they experience.

Art projects: Art projects are a fun way to explore touch and sight. Have your child create a collage using different textures or paint with different materials.

Nature walks: Nature walks are a great way to explore all five senses. Encourage your child to observe and describe what they see, hear, smell, touch, and taste on a walk.

Sensory bin: Create a sensory bin using different materials such as rice, beans, or sand. Encourage your child to explore and describe the different textures.

Games and activities: Incorporate games and activities that focus on the five senses. For example:   a matching game where they need to match an object with its corresponding sense or a scavenger hunt where they need to find objects that represent each sense.

Reading: Reading books that focus on the five senses can be a great way to reinforce the concepts and ideas that you are teaching.

Describing words: Encourage your child to use descriptive words when talking about their experiences with the five senses. For example, instead of saying “The flower smells nicely. “They can say “The flower has a sweet fragrance.”

No need to go to great expense or exert a lot of energy.  Using everyday household items and items in nature should work quite well.  Every opportunity both indoors and outdoors is an opportunity to explore and learn.

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