6 Ways to Potty Train Your Toddler

The typical age to begin the potty-training process with your child is between 18-30 months of age. This process can be different & sometimes difficult for some parents/guardians – but we’re here to help!

The key is to stay consistent & to create a positive potty-training environment for your little one. With your patience and encouragement, your child will achieve this great accomplishment in no time!

Gradually introduce the toilet to your child.

  • You can do this by telling them when you are going to go pee pee in the potty or use a favorite character of theirs such as Elmo. “I wonder if Elmo has to go on the potty.”
  • Raise awareness with your child about using the toilet and make them comfortable with the subject.

Follow schedule for potty training.

  • Having set times a day when your child tries to go on the potty will normalize the action and create good potty training habits.
  • Here at NDP we have children go every 45 mins and before/after naptime. This creates a consistent potty training atmosphere.

Offer praise & rewards.

  • During potty training accidents are natural – so when your child successfully goes on the potty give gentle praise and a small reward for doing a good job.
  • Some parents use a sticker chart, or small piece of candy or snack the child loves. This will reinforce the child has done a good job and encourages them to do it again.
  • Once a child here at NDP is training to go on the potty. We celebrate their successes with praise and a small reward most parents send in during this time. This keeps the child on track at home and at school with their training.

Teach proper hygiene.

  • Proper hand washing techniques after the potty are taught at school and at home as well using Happy Birthday song (20secs) with warm water and soap to get the best wash to destroy any germs on your child’s hands.

Understand potty training takes times and effort.

  • All children are different and will do things in their own time as every child is unique. Be patient with your child – and yourself!

Not sure if your child is ready to start potty training? Look for these signs…

  • If your child is dry for 2 hours during the day/ dry after naptime
  • Can follow simple instructions. Ex. Go into the bathroom , sit on the toilet etc.
  • Shows interest in underwear.
  • If your child knows when they go in their diaper sometimes this will be with a gesture or some May communicate this verbally.
  • If your child is showing these signs then Yayy! They are ready to start potty training.

Source: Parents.com | Blog Written By: Kim Sottung (Miss Kim)

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