10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

We at The Discovery Preschools are joining in the global celebration of Earth Day by hosting a celebration for our students and their families.  This year is the 51st anniversary since the inception of the holiday in 1970. Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd. The holiday began as a way to teach our youth about the importance of environmental preservation.

We are proud to teach our children that every action, every day, by every person (no matter how small) can impact our world! 

You can promote environmental awareness by making and sharing conscious decisions:

  • Have your child help sort recyclable materials.  This promotes visual discrimination and sorting by attributes (by number, color, etc.)
  • Have your child use his/her imagination to create new creations from boxes, bottles, and other assorted materials.  This will stimulate imagination and creativity while promoting language.
  • Start a compost indoors or outdoors using dead plant material from outdoors or household waste.  Adding earthworms will aid in the process and teach children about living organisms while promoting scientific inquiry, hypothesizing, journaling, and predicting.
  • Create a rain gauge to measure rainfall to promote counting, measuring, and mathematical concepts.
  • Start a terrarium or a simple plant.  Using beans or grass seeds will yield rapid results.  This will teach children responsibility while strengthening science, math, and writing skills.
  • Go on a nature walk and draw or journal what you have experienced to promote literacy.  
  • Use Google Maps to show locations of family members or friends worldwide and talk about commonalities and differences. You can even note weather variances and patterns in other parts.
  • Create a bird feeder out of recyclable materials and journal or draw about your feathered visitors.
  • Take a virtual tour of a national park. 
  • Create a collage made of objects collected from nature.

While we celebrate Mother Earth on this special day, we are mindful of the fact that it is our obligation to care for our planet to preserve for future generations.

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