Importance of Sunblock

Summer is here, but applying sunblock isn’t easy…

While applying sunblock to your infant or child isn’t always easy, the American Academy of
Dermatology, Skin Cancer Foundation and the American Academy of Pediatrics all remind us
that it is important to protect your child’s skin from infancy onward.

1. Avoid using any sunblock on infants under the age of 6 months.
2. Infants under 6 months should be kept in shaded areas and dressed in lightweight
3. Infants over the age of 6 months may have sunscreen applied.
1. Look for a high SPF (sun protection factor) of 30 or higher with broad spectrum
2. Choose water resistant sunblock .
3. Many dermatologists prefer mineral based sunscreen with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide.
This allows the sun rays to be deflected.
4. Avoid chemicals which absorb, rather than deflect the sun’s rays.
5. Choose lotions to ensure proper coverage. Sprays are often not applied properly and
evenly and should be held at least 2 centimeters away from skin. If using a “stick”, be
sure to cover the skin at least 4 times to cover skin thoroughly.
6. Choose fragrance-free and dye-free products to lessen chance of reactions.
7. Choose PABA-free (para-aminobenzoic acid)-a chemical found in some skin products.
8. Re-apply sunscreen every 2 hours or after being in water.


As always, children learn by example. Be sure to model sunscreen application-whether it be the
initial application or re-applying the sunscreen. Set the stage now for healthy skin for a lifetime!

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